CRL VW31031 Vertical Lift Van Window

CRL VW31031 Vertical Lift Van Window Wholesale Van Windows Direct
CRL VW31031 Vertical Lift Van Window Wholesale Van Windows Direct

CRL VW31031 Vertical Lift Van Window

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CRL VW31031 Vertical Lift Van Window 17-15/16" x 21-9/16" with 1/8" Trim Ring


Part # VW31031

Mfg: CR Laurence (CRL)

MFG Country: USA

Warranty: 30 Days

Glass Color = Solar Privacy Glass

Glass UV Rating = 28%


Any Position



The CRL Vertical Lift Window features dark solar privacy glass. The window is framed in black powder-coated aluminum. The lower panel slides up allowing ample ventilation and the built-in screens keep bugs and debris out. 


This window has become extremely popular on the Sprinter Van, Transit Van and ProMaster Van for the Rear Cargo Doors as the 17-15/16" x 21-9/16" size fits the doors and allows for a ventilated window to be installed where all the custom options are solid glass. 

As always with universal windows check the sizes below to ensure they will work for your van and the position you are wanting it to be installed. 


Outside Frame Dimensions: 17-15/16" (455 mm) x 21-9/16" (548 mm)
Cut Out Dimensions: 16-11/16" (424 mm) x 20-5/16" (516 mm)
Clamp Ring/Angles: 1/8" (3 mm) - Rectangular 90°/90°
Vent Opening Size: 15-3/4"W x 5" H


What's needed to Install?

 Van Window Installation Seal 

How will I install this window?

CRL VW31031 Vertical Lift Van Window


You will need to create a template to cut your window hole. The easiest way is to use the cardboard box it came with and lay a vertical window on it glass side (outside) up. Or use the trim ring utilizing the inner opening that matches the aluminum frame edge of the window to draw out the template. When drawing a template to Van if there are two people great one can hold it while the other draws it out. If you install solo once you know the spot you will be placing the window you can screw the cardboard into the side wall to hold it in place then draw your pattern. 


 Van Window Template

Cut out your hole with your choice of tool reciprocating saw, sheers, disc, etc.

The CRL Window utilizes a trim ring (clamp ring) installation. Before putting the window on the van it's best to go through and make a small pilot hole in all the locations around the trim ring that way you do not round the heads of the screws when tightening the window. 


Tape your window installation foam on the backside of your window's aluminum frame so it will get sandwiched between the frame of the window and the body of your van.


Put the Window in place from the outside of Van allowing the aluminum mounting frame to extend through a hole in the wall. Place clamp ring from inside most vans will have the split on the bottom. With one person holding the window in place on the outside the other can start the screws from the inside generally start with the two at the split in the trim ring to have that lined up then top and around you do not want to fully tighten once all screws are in place, you can then go back around and tighten them be sure to tighten evenly around for proper seal. 

Standard Shipping times 1-2 Week Lead Time , with a 1-5 Day Travel Time. (Subject to change due to supply chain issues)

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CRL VW31031 Vertical Lift Van Window Wholesale Van Windows Direct
CRL VW31031 Vertical Lift Van Window Wholesale Van Windows Direct
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