CRL FW604 Passenger Side Middle Solid Glass Sprinter Van Window 2002-2006

CRL Passenger Middle Solid Glass Window LWB Sprinter Van 03-06 - Van Windows Direct (10781893396) (7742188323073)

CRL FW604 Passenger Side Middle Solid Glass Sprinter Van Window 2002-2006

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CRL FW604 Sprinter Van Window 2002-2006



 42-1/4" X 24-1/2"  **Double Check Measurement


  • Short Roof or High Roof 
  • Long Wheel Base 


Part # FW604

Mfg:  CR Laurence (CRL)

Mfg Country: USA

Mfg Warranty: 30 Days

Glass Color = Solar Privacy Glass

Glass UV Rating = 28%

Passenger Side Middle    CRL FW604 Passenger Side Middle Solid Glass Window Long Wheel Base Sprinter Van 2003-2006
CRL windows are configured to fit within the 02-06 Sprinter Van Window OEM stamping and provide a customized OEM look. This great feature eliminates the time-consuming efforts of laying out where the window will be installed. Just line it up to cut, starting on the upper inner dimple, and follow along with the OEM stamping. Solid Glass Solar Privacy Tint Window manufactured in the USA.
What's needed to Install?

 Van Window Installation Foam Seal

How will I install this window?

 The Sprinter Van Window 2002. 2003,2004,2005,2006 Window utilizes the factory metal stamping, on the interior of the van you will notice an area where the inner metal ends. Here is a photo to clarify. You will cut right along with that edge all the way around your van may have multiple uprights you will cut those out straight with your opening.

 Install Custom Glass Van Window into 2003,2004,2005,2006 Sprinter Van Sprinter 2500, Sprinter 3500


When replacing an existing factory window, you may want to contact us or provide photos inside and out. Not all replacements will be straightforward and can require extra commendation and custom adaptation to use an existing factory or add-on item(s). Van Windows Direct and the manufacturers we distribute take no responsibility for additional work or an installer's inability to complete the work required. Please ask all questions and provide all information before purchase, as the buyer is 100% responsible for the installation or failure to install. 

If you are replacing an existing factory window that was glued in you may want to take it to a professional for removal and replacement. The best tool to use is a wire cutter  Equalizer Window Cut-Out Set. Once the window is cut out you will need to cut the original urethane down as flat as possible and clean as much away as you can with CRL Adhesive Cleaner  . 

Once the Hole has been cut out or the window removed it's time to install the new window. 

The CRL Window utilizes a trim ring (clamp ring) installation. Before putting the window on the van it's best to go through and make a small pilot hole in all the locations around the trim ring that way you do not round the heads of the screws when tightening the window. 

Put Window in place from outside of Van allowing the aluminum mounting frame to extend through a hole in the wall. Place clamp ring from inside most vans will have the split on the bottom. With one person holding the window in place on the outside the other can start the screws from the inside generally start with the two at the split in the trim ring to have that lined up then top and around you do not want to fully tighten once all screws are in place, you can then go back around and tighten them be sure to tighten evenly around for proper seal. 



CRL FW604 Sprinter Van Window 2002-2006

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